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Blank ListView Items on Android in Xamarin.Forms 4+

If you’re using ListViews and are targeting Android then read on. There are some things that may be impacting you, namely: “ListView blank cells when CachingStrategy=”RetainElement” on Android:

Async Traps

Async programming in C# is something that's been covered in detail by a number of people (google Brandon Minnick or Filip Ekberg), but it's still something I see misused on

TaskCompletionSource Gotcha When Using Lambdas

A short while back, fellow Xamarin MVP Michael Ridland (@rid00z) published a great post here: on using TaskCompletionSource to 'mimic' async functionality and allow

Xamarin.Forms SearchBar with Mvvm

Wow - it's been a long time since my last post. I've been very busy with something that I hope to chat about before too long... In the meantime, here